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Is The QAnon Movement Fizzling?

Is The QAnon Movement Fizzling?

The QAnon phenomenon had the internet abuzz in 2018, appealing to those like myself, people who can’t help but to question the official narrative of almost everything. The mysterious figure Q first appeared around October 2017 and managed to attract a large amount of die-hard followers very quickly, including myself.

But will this movement continue to grow or has it hit it’s peak already? Like the Tea Party before it, critics and past promoters of the movement say there are signs that it is beginning to fizzle, with the Q clearance crew’s posts becoming fewer and less mystifying. Posts have been proven to be disinformation, but later claimed to be tests to keep followers on their toes.

So has the general tone of Q changed? Maybe slightly, but the general message remains. If you trust the plan the ‘Deeps State’ will be dismantled. I certainly am a fan of this idea. Unfortunately, I can’t help but question the narrative. From my point of view, Q could be an elaborate Psyops. Or it could be a ‘white hat’ Military Intelligence operation. I haven’t been convinced either way. I want to believe but must continue to ask myself who benefits? So, let us take a closer look.

Increasingly, independent researchers have been pushing the notion that QAnon is just a game/puzzle to keep people distracted, entertained and engaged in digging for clues, then solving mysteries of no importance. As Whitney Webb of Mintpress News wrote, “trust the plan” was just the sequel to “hope and change” to get us on a Trump train to Willabee. It’s kind of hard to “drain the swamp” when you are surrounded by swamp-sludge like Bolton and Pompeo?

Without the QAnon movement many Americans would have never opened their eyes to the corruption in Washington D.C. The question becomes is that information distorted by design, in order to push a specific agenda. Much of the information that has been ‘dropped’ seemed like a revelation at first, but to those who have read Jim Marrs or Fritz Springmier the information seems to be recycled. That being said, a little review can’t hurt, and the growth of the truth movement is important, we need new individuals with open minds who are willing to open their hearts. We must be help them with the difficult task of opening up to the light of truth.

So, after a little more than a year with Q in our lives, do we have enough clues to deduce who might really be behind the keyboard?

Cui Bono?

In an interview last month, self proclaimed ‘truther’ Jason Bermas sat down with “Defango” and “Dreamcatcher” who both claimed that they have posted as Q in a Live Action Role Playing game (LARP). They claim the idea came from being members of Cicada 3301, a group that constructs difficult-to-solve puzzles. Dreamcatcher said, “at first I was just shitposting to see what would happen.” But to his surprise, the QAnon following exploded.

In the interview they talk about another individual named “Microchip” who also claims to have posted as Q. Microchip is a known fabricator on 4chan, being banned from several platforms. He liked to brag about being the original Q. They also speculated that Microchip may have connections to the notorious Israeli spy agency the Mossad, claiming he made many trips to Israel to meet with buisness partners. They suggest that President Trump’s Russia connection is a distraction designed to mask his true connections to Israel.

Could this movement possibly be manipulated in some way by a foreign interest like Israel? It is certainly possible, but solid evidence has yet to come forward. President Trump is certainly a supporter of Israel, which is fine, as long as he is not compromised. But many in the Q movement seem to be ok with Israel interfering with United States politics. Which leads me to believe there are two factions in the QAnon movement. A pro-Zionist faction and a Libertarian faction.

Sealed Indictments

The focal point for the Q diehards is the eventual Indictments of top ‘Deeps State’ players like Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. the Public Access to Court Electronic Records, the US nationwide database of court records for Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts, which is where we can find information on the thousands of sealed files, is where the eventual indictments would come from. But we don’t really know if the reported increase in sealed files is gonna lead to hard evidence to indict. This could easily be used as a tool to string along those who’s faith out performs their reason. Trust The Plan? I want to but my skepticism remains. We just don’t know what is in these sealed files yet. They may have arrest warrants or they may be far less serious.

MintPress Analysis

“The reality constructed by QAnon has ultimately unfolded much like a fictitious spy novel, one that details a “secret” counter-coup by the Trump administration against the so-called “Deep State” that Trump – in reality — has dutifully served ever since winning the 2016 election. Despite QAnon’s having been proven wrong repeatedly, its following remains large and the phenomenon itself remains influential.

Robert Martin, a documentary filmmaker whose series “A Very Heavy Agenda” delves into the nefarious political influence of the neoconservatives, told MintPress that QAnon is the “perfect wish-fulfillment conspiracy snowball” aimed at conservatives, adding that it has worked to “rehabilitate some of the most tarnished and scary neocons to all of a sudden be heroic figures.”


The fact that ‘Deep State’ players from the Bush Administrations are still in positions of power should give everyone pause. Maybe it’s a case of keeping your enemies close. But we must be open minded to all possibilities, while using the information that the QAnon movement has shared with us in regards to the ‘Deep State’ modus operandi. These bloodline families are the controllers of all industry, bank and the military industrial complex, which influences the general message coming from Zionism, Catholicism and Islam, creating what seems like an unstoppable social control mechanism.

Intelligence expert James Corbett believes that society is being gamified by the ‘Deep State’ as a way to lure us into surveilling ourselves and giving our data over willingly to this Corporatocratic Big Government machine. He uses the Pokémon Go app and the Chinese Sesame Credit system as examples of this. He says, “Let’s analyze how QAnon works.” The method consists of dropping some real information already available to the public, to build credibility and attract a loyal following, all the while keeping them engaged with the cryptic clues (like Cicada 3301).

The question many intelligence experts ask in regards to this method of communication is “Why doesn't Q spell out the facts (and prove it with documents) as genuine whistleblowers like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden do?”

Ready Player 1

It was Alex Jones, a known Zionist operative, who jumped aboard the QAnon bandwagon early on. He devoted a lot of attention and time, along with Jerome Corsi, in analyzing Q’s threads. However, they both flipped the script on the movement a few months in, putting their credibility in question not only in the mainstream but also the truth movement. Now with Jones’ legal troubles and the way he has gone off since, he has become a media caricature of himself. Nonetheless, he was the biggest promoter of QAnon early on, pushing the movement into the social media spotlight.

Be The Hero

So while the QAnon movement might have some questionable roots, it has grown into a tree of hope for many. But we can’t be passive and pretend that everything is in it’s right place. We live in a time of great division, with the powers that be making bold moves to squash the voices of the people. Not only here in America, but everywhere in the world. We must not be lazy and complacent awaiting the indictments or any changes we ‘hope’ to see enacted.

Like the Yellow Vests, we must fight the ‘Deep State’ in the streets. We might have to sacrifice our comfort. But the alternative is losing the Republic to the den of vipers and thieves. And if we lose it this time, we will probably never get it back. We must be vigilant about seeking and deciphering the truth, we must not settle. Q might have fed you the Red Pill, but the powers that be will exploit you any way they can, for every drop of your blood, sweat and to instill you with fear. Now is the time for humanity to shed it’s reptilian skin.

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