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Populist Push Against Soros

Populist Push Against Soros

The self-appointed god George Soros is feeling a populist push back against his Open Society Foundation throughout Europe. Many attribute this to his support of immigration policies that are creating a financial toll on many of the countries in the European Union. First Soros home nation of Hungary, then Poland, and most recently Italy have decided that many of their countries problems stem from his organizations promotion of immigration. 

In May, Soros' Open Society Foundation pulled out of Hungary because of pressure from the conservative populist government. Citing "an increasingly repressive political and legal environment" in Hungary, the OSF said in a statement that its decision came after measures were taken to restrict the influence of non-governmental organizations by current Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who once received a $10,000 scholarship from the Soros Foundation to study at Oxford — and is now locked in an escalating political battle with Soros.

Earlier this month Poland deported one of George Soros top organizer Lyudmyla Kozlovska from the Schengen (EU) area without a full explanation. The reason probably stems from Kozlovska’s husband, Mr Bartosz Kramek, Head of the Open Dialog Foundation’s Board, calling for various civil disobedience actions in Poland. He has became one of the main public enemies of the country’s populist government. They are considered a threat to national security and public order, which is the reason given for her deportation in accordance with the Polish law on foreigners.

Both countries have accused Soros of promoting Muslim immigration to dilute Christian identity and "sweep away governments which represent national interests, including ours."

According to Vatican Bishop Athanasius Shneider the European migrant crisis is a well-orchestrated plan by billionaire George Soros and his EU cronies to eradicate Christianity in the west.

In response, the OSF calls the campaign against it and its founder a "hate campaign [that] has included propaganda posters and billboards, invoking anti-Semitic imagery from World War II." 

Patrick Gaspard, president of the Open Society Foundations said, "The government of Hungary has denigrated and misrepresented our work and repressed civil society for the sake of political gain, using tactics unprecedented in the history of the European Union."

Italy’s recently elected populist government has pledged to make the migrant crisis one of its main priorities, recently refusing to allow a boat full of hundreds of migrants to dock at any of Italy’s ports.

Newly appointed Italian Interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini agrees, "Soros' role in bringing about the migrant crisis is well documented." He said that migrants are “criminals” and “felons” and has said their “free ride is over.”

Salvini has challenged the financier and his foundation, claiming the NGO and its partners have made it their business to promote uncontrolled immigration, liberalization of drug use, and social policies which undermine the family and promote alternative lifestyles and gender identities.

“So no more families with a Mum and Dad. Isn’t it way better to have an ‘open society’ with six dads, three mums, 18 great-grandparents, and six cousins, who also change gender according to the mood of the day? … And sometimes they smoke pot together!” he quipped sarcastically.

“This is the project they want to leave to our children. Why? Because then you no longer have a man or a woman — you have a number, an item, with no rights, no history, no thought, no nationality, no identity… They are very well organized enemies, and they are very rich,” he warned.

With this push back from populist Europe, George Soros will have to scramble to keep his pro-immigration coalition alive. He has the support of EU elitists who want to “teach Italy a lesson” for voting against their interests. But showing signs of concern Soros responded, “If the EU follows this line, it will dig its own grave by provoking a negative response from the Italian electorate.” It’s becoming abundantly clear that the globalists, including their front man Soros, are increasingly concerned about the populist coalition’s success.



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