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Trade Wars: Capitalism Vs. Communism

Trade Wars: Capitalism Vs. Communism

The United States is currently involved in what can only be described as a trade war, having taken two hits this week with the European Union declaring that it will no longer use the US Dollar in its oil trade with Iran and with China pushing North Korea to play tough as it began talks with the US. This could be why Kim Jung-un recently changed his tune, with North Korea being China’s vassal state, now demanding that unless America caves to his demands, the planned 12 June summit between Kim Jung-un and President Donald Trump would be cancelled. 


With the American people tired of the slide towards socialism/communism, they elected President Trump, at the behest of Soros, Rothschild and Saud, who prefer the control mechanisms of Marxist ideology. The election of Donald Trump might play out to be the greatest realignment of global power since the ending of World War II but it will most likely come down to war if the president continues to push for the American people.

The US mainstream propaganda media wants their followers to believe that President Trump was elected by a “populist wave” of ordinary citizens rebelling against a government unresponsive to their needs, but Robert Weissman believes Trump was placed in power to ensure the survival of America’s most powerful legacy corporations, who are presently engaged in an existential battle for survival against a growing communist-socialist class determined to strip these corporations of their wealth. An example of this is the city of Seattle pushing a shameful tax on their largest corporations (including the global tech behemoth Amazon) forcing these companies to pay a special tax for every single person they employ

If the mass taxing of corporations and billionaires really led to the elimination of poverty, as communist-socialists claim, the United States, in the 1950’s, would have become the first nation in the world to do so, as its tax rate was as high as 90%. But, the Americans of that time figured out that massive taxation and redistribution of wealth accomplished nothing but the destruction of every country that ever implemented that system of government.

Unfortunately, Americans in the 21st century haven't payed much attention to history, and have allowed communist-socialist radicals to infiltrate nearly every single school in the US, from the earliest grades of children, to those in universities, and whose efforts have led to a shocking 40% of the population in the United States now favoring communist-socialism over capitalism.

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The leadership of the US has enabled the growth of Marxist ideology, which has systematically divested the nation of its wealth in order to equalize a world mired in poverty economic stagnation. The consequence being a wholesale industrial gutting of the United States, costing tens-of-millions of jobs, while weakening the global perception of the United States along with it's moral authority.

The communist-socialist looting of America between the years of 1950-2018 has resulted in the loss of over $14 trillion in its global trade deficits alone—with its further having an apocalyptic national debt of over $21 trillion, and a further over $113 trillion in unfunded liabilities it has no money to pay for—thus meaning that each and every US man, woman and child is now saddled with a debt of over $932,000

With the communist-socialist economic house of cards soon to collapse and take down the entire United States with it, President Trump decided to take a capitalist portfolio handed to him by American corporations and moneyed elite power players to claw back to the US everything it could. His agenda has included everything from overturning stifling regulations imposed on US companies to force their movement overseas, slashing the US individual and corporate tax burden to one of the lowest in the world, and, most importantly, renegotiating America’s trade agreements to ensure that the US was taking in more money that it was sending out.

The main targets of President Trumps reforms are communist China, the socialist-led European Union, and the equally communist-socialist nations of Canada and Mexico—all of whom President Trump has targeted in his total economic war, all of whom, when combined, are looting from the United States a staggering nearly $1 trillion a year.


With German Chancellor Merkel and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker proclaiming it’s time for the EU to take over the leadership role and to “replace the United States”, the Europeans are now taking action by preparing to ditch the US Dollar in payments for Iranian oil. This is most likely in retaliation for President Trump’s trade war moves against Europe disguised as Iran sanctions. That very well could put the final nail in the coffin of the collapsing petrodollar financial system, but not if President Trump can help it. 

The winner of President Trump’s trade war may be Russia, with President Trump continuing to end sanctions on Russian companies nearly as soon as he imposes them and has allowed Russia to replace diplomats in the US immediately after they are removed. Russia is now being favored by the EU because of it's stability in foreign affairs, not to mention the skyrocketing price of oil due to US war instability all around the world that’s adding tens-of-millions of dollars to Russia’s economy everyday. This might explain why President Trump remains the most popular foreign leader in Russia, making “America Great Again” along with Russia, hopefully leading to a future when Trump and Putin manifest a "great" world of mutual cooperation. 

Even with all the chaos from the current "Trade Wars" the American people should feel pretty secure in the fact that their nation really doesn't need global trade to survive because they have the resources to create everything they need on their own. 


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