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Is This Army General Q?

Is This Army General Q?

According to Russian Intelligence leaks Army General Mark Milley, the service's top officer, is at the top of the list of people they suspect to be Q. He was nominated on Saturday by President Trump to be the next Joint Chiefs Chairman. He is considered unique among senior military officers because he did not attend one of the military service academies, but instead Princeton University.

At one time he was considered a long shot for Joint Chiefs Chairman, but the President likes him and feels he is, "A very good negotiator" Trump said, "I could see in his eyes when I talk about the cost of those bombs. He's good at throwing them, but he's also good at pricing them. Right? I see it."

General Milley is a chatty, quick-witted, barrel-chested officer who seems to connect with the President. They have been seen enjoying each others company and at times have be seen laughing together, or sharing a joke.

He has warned that Russia and China represent “faint clouds of a coming storm” for the United States. He also recently said, “The war in Afghanistan is 17 years old, and now storm clouds are ‘on the horizon”, using the storm analogy more than once.

Milley also has a reputation for a powerful intellect: In addition to earning the green beret of the Special Forces, he holds degrees from not just Princeton but also Columbia University.

Milley has often stressed that the duty of soldiers and officers is to the U.S. Constitution, not any political party or figure.

“We are the only military in the world … that does not take an oath to a king, a queen, a dictator, a president,” he told an audience in New Jersey this summer. “We don’t take an oath to a country. We don’t take an oath to a tribe or a piece of dirt. The very core essence of the Army is that we are committed to you, the citizens. We are willing to die, to give our life, for an idea.”

During a speech two years ago, General Milley said that the officers in attendance would be facing challenges in the 21st century that were unmatched in previous years.

You’ll be dealing with hybrid armies. You’ll be dealing with little green men.

Whether the leader of QAnon or not, General Mark Milley has been instrumental in the purge of disloyal US military officers—starting with US Air Force Lieutenant Colonel Willie Newson, the commander of 165th Airlift Wing that provides tactical airlift of personnel, equipment and supplies, being arrested for child sex crimes.

Other possible actions include US Navy Vice Admiral Scott A. Stearney, the commander of all US military combat forces in Middle East the 165th Airlift Wing possibly being suicided. Air Force General Michal Hayden, the Obama-Clinton Regimes top spy chief, being “stroked out” and incapacitated—and, just yesterday, US Marine General John Kelley being ousted from the White House because of his “hissy fits”, but whom these Russian intelligence analysts believe has helped mastermind the coming martial law orders Trump will soon sign. 

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