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Las Vegas Massacre Mystery: Part 1

Las Vegas Massacre Mystery: Part 1

The Las Vegas Massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, which is the worst mass shooting event in modern history, still lacks a logical motive for "Why?" Stephen Paddock would do such a terrible thing. This has led many journalists from around the country to try and take a crack at solving this case. I have been personally interested in this investigation because I have family members and close friends who are victims of this un-godly crime.


Real Victims

X-Ray shortly after my niece's first surgery to repair a bullet wound

From the very beginning the official narrative didn't seem to add up. How did an old man do this on his own, and why would he even want to? These questions are what led me to dig around for more information.

Beside the official narrative, there are a variety of theories about what happened that day. I found that three main themes kept reoccurring during my research; the most popular being that Stephen Paddock was a trafficker who was possibly working with the FBI, CIA, ISIS or the Russian Mafia. Another popular theme I found is that a hit was put on the "Saudi Crown Prince" by his rival Prince AL-Waleed, which ensued with gun battles all around Las Vegas. And lastly, which can also interconnect with the first two themes, is that this was an occult sacrifice.

These "themes" are not mutually exclusive. It is possible that all, some or none of them are true? Are you ready to take a look down the rabbit hole?


The Traffickers

Are Mary Lou Danley's fingerprints on the bullets?

The most glaring 'loose end' of this case is the seeming disappearance of Stephen Paddock's girlfriend Mary Lou Danley, who admitted that her finger prints "could" be on the bullet casing used in the Las Vegas shooting. She is also the one who checked Paddock's vehicle into the hotel hours before the shooting occurred, using ticket #275274484 to drop off his grey Chrysler at the Mandalay Bay (allegedly with explosive materials in it). In order to drop off the vehicle at the Parking Garage, Danley would have been identified by the staff, giving them Paddock's name and room number for access.

For someone who should be a serious suspect in this case, Danley has pretty much vanished from the official narrative of the investigation, making it appear that she is protected by the authorities from any real scrutiny.

According to 4chan intel commentator Qanon, who is believed to have a high security clearance, Mary Lou Danley is a CIA controlled asset, and might have been Paddock's partner in planning the crime. Many online sleuths have speculated that they might have been traffickers of guns, and even worse children, for the powerful criminal underbelly of Las Vegas. A place where intelligence operations can sometimes mix into the illegal activities of the organized crime.

One theory proposes Danley as an ISIS operative who betrays Stephen Paddock, setting him up to be the fall guy? While possible (we'll discuss this in part 2), it seems more likely that she was Paddock's partner, enabling and/or helping him to pull off this terrible crime. Witnesses who have come forward say that Paddock was a very imposing, condescending person who liked to be in control.

The most obvious aspect of the case, which seems to point to Stephen Paddock as a gun trafficker, is the number of guns he had with him in his room. The police photos reveal how his hotel room was set up like a showroom. If he was at the Mandalay Bay simply to shoot at random people in the festival, why did he have so many guns? Did he think he could use all those guns before getting caught? If this was a gun deal gone bad, and Paddock was a trafficker, it would explain the amount of weapons in his room.

A few weeks after the shooting, Stephen Paddock's brother Bruce was arrested and jailed on charges of possessing child pornography. It was claimed at the time that Bruce Paddock was homeless and had no affiliation with his brother Stephen. The media reported the story but didn't seem to make much of it. Then recently ABC news reported that Stephen Paddock also had child pornography on his computer.

According to Blackstone Intelligence, Stephen Paddock was a sexual deviant who had many violent encounters with prostitutes in Las Vegas, and was known for enjoying rape fantasy role-play. He also owned planes (the types often used for smuggling) and made frequent trips to the Philippines, which is a hub for the child trafficking and prostitution. Stephen Paddock's company Paradise Ranch had two locations, one in the US and another in the Philippines. It is not known for certain what this company actually did. I'm guessing he didn't do charity missions to help orphans.

Coincidently, or perhaps there are no coincidences, his brother Bruce owned a home on the outer rim of Bohemian Grove, a meeting place of the wealthy and political elite, which has been identified by victims as a hotspot of ritual child abuse and sacrifice.

Location of Paddock Family Cabin

Location of Paddock Family Cabin

Creepy Photo of Paddock Cabin

Creepy Photo of Paddock Cabin

Perhaps Stephen Paddock was involved with or was being blackmailed by a government agency, using his deviant behavior to control him (and his brother). If Paddock was trafficking guns and children, it would explain his excessive wealth. It would explain why he frequented casinos as well, which are known to be popular to launder dirty money.

Paddock's first major career after college was working as an auditor for the IRS, this is a job where de-humanizing individuals is a requirement. He later worked for government contractor Morton-Thiokol from 1985 to 1988, a predecessor company of the Lockheed Martin. Is this around the time Paddock started making connections to his dark urges?

He retired from "working" in 1988, but continued to make millions of dollars, allegedly from real estate investments and gambling. The media reported early on that Paddock made millions from playing video poker. But most experts agree that it is not really possible to make a ton of money this way. And even if Paddock managed to find a way to beat the house and profit from playing video poker, the casinos would have caught him and banned him. 

Yet all the casinos welcomed him with open arms, giving him high price hotel suites and thousands of dollars in hotel comps. He may have been involved in illegal activity, but nothing that was costing the casinos any money.

In closing chapter one, we see that Stephen Paddock fits the profile of some one who could be involved in criminal activities like trafficking. His father was a sociopathic criminal, and it has been implied from family members that he abused his children and his ex-wife. Children who are abused often become abusive themselves. Stephen Paddock was said to be verbally abusive by many witnesses. It seems he was most likely the perpetrator of the Las Vegas Massacre, coldly killing random people in a terrified festival crowd. This is the type of individual who could easily be involved in the dark world of trafficking and feel zero remorse. 

Unfortunately, the evidence against Paddock as a trafficker is still just circumstantial, with hard evidence seemingly buried by investigators. But hopefully more evidence will sneak its way out into the public, allowing us to make as much sense as we can from something that seems to make no sense at all.

Part 2: The Crown Prince




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